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Eclat Core Brakecable

12.00 CHF

Flybikes M8 Brake Mounts Set

compatible with many frames with m8 brakemount
21.00 CHF

Kink Gyro Plate

11.00 CHF

Kink Myriad Rotor

Detangler, Rotor
37.00 CHF

Odyssey Brake Knarps

Odyssey Knarps Cable Ends. 2 Knarps, 1 Wrench
5.00 CHF

Odyssey GTX-S Rotor

Detangler, Rotor
44.00 CHF

Odyssey Linear Quik Slic Adjustable Cable

with integrated Cable Hangar and Straddle Cable. Adjustable Quik Slic.
12.00 CHF