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Primo Binary LT V2 Peg

Light V2 peg
14.00 CHF

Primo Binary V2 Nylon Peg

6000 series aluminum inner peg with nylon sleeve. Each peg includes 1 extra replacement nylon sleeve.
23.00 CHF

Primo Binary V2 Plastic Peg Replacement Sleeve

Replacement sleeve for Primo V2 PL peg.
8.00 CHF

Primo Brakepad

15.00 CHF

Primo Freemix NDSG Hubguard

Primo Freemix Coaster Rear Non Drive Side Hubgaurd Nylon with Replacement Cone
16.00 CHF

Primo JJ Palmere Pedals

JJ Palmere's signature pedals
19.00 CHF

Primo N4 Front Hub Male

59.00 CHF 26.60 CHF

Primo Rebar Bar

73.00 CHF

Stranger BMX Logo Nylon Peg

CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum inner peg. 1 complete Peg and 1 Replacement Sleeve.
22.00 CHF

Primo BMX Sean Ricany Sprocket

The Ricany Sprocket is Sean Ricany's signature model and is made of 6mm thick 7071 aluminum.
55.00 CHF

Primo Chain 121 Halflink

Strong Halflink Chain by Primo.
28.00 CHF

Primo Shawn Mac Pivotal Seat

Shawn McIntosh “Mac” Seat
39.00 CHF

Primo Ricany Frontload Stem

Sean Ricany's signature stem
80.00 CHF

Primo BMX Churchill Tire

Primo Stevie Churchill Signature Tire
34.00 CHF