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Primo BMX Binary V2 Plastic Peg Ersatzhülle

Replacement sleeve for Primo V2 PL peg.
7.00 CHF

Primo BMX Freemix NDSG Nabenschutz

Primo Freemix Coaster Rear Non Drive Side Hubgaurd Nylon with Replacement Cone
16.00 CHF

Primo BMX Sean Ricany Kettenblatt

Sean Ricany's signature Modell. 7071 Aluminium, 6mm Dick. Wird angeschraubt an Kurbelarm.
49.00 CHF

Primo BMX Churchill Reifen

Primo Stevie Churchill Signatur Reifen
32.00 CHF

Primo BMX E-Comet Reifen

Primo legendary famous old slic style tire with new size
25.00 CHF

Primo VS N4FL V2 14mm Vorder Laufrad

inkl. Hubguards
184.00 CHF