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Dicta (14 and 16T) or Odyssey (13T) Freilauf.
19,00 CHF

Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 Tire

With Big Logo
32,00 CHF

Odyssey Aitken Knobby Tire

Mike Aitken signature!
32,00 CHF

Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte Tire

Mike Aitken signature!
31,00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Boss grips

Aaron Ross signature grip.
12,00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Warnin grips

Gary Young signature grip.
12,00 CHF

Odyssey Boss TopLoad Stem

Aaron Ross Signature stem
68,00 CHF

Odyssey Broc Raiford grips

Broc’s signature grip.
12,00 CHF

Odyssey C512 Sprocket

Chase Hawk's Signature Sprocket!
45,00 CHF

Odyssey Calibur Crank

Crankset with Mid Size Bottom Bracket
160,00 CHF

Odyssey Chase Hawk Tire

Chase Hawk signature!
32,00 CHF

Odyssey Dugan Tire

Tom Dugan signature!
32,00 CHF

Odyssey Fang Sprocket

Tom Dugan Signature Sprocket!
45,00 CHF