New Products

Eclat BMX Storm 25 Fork

The Storm fork is a Super strong street fork.
169.00 CHF

Eclat Cortex Chamber Front Wheel

Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Eclat Chamber Sleeved Rim
159.00 CHF

Bsd Acid V2 Fork

189.00 CHF

Demolition BMX Rig Tire

Dennis Enarson Signature Tire
36.00 CHF

Demolition BMX Momentum Tire

High Pressure max. 110 psi
39.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Boss grips

Aaron Ross signature grip.
14.00 CHF

Eclat Slattery Stem

Geoff Slattery Signature
81.00 CHF

Odyssey C512 Sprocket

Chase Hawk's Signature Sprocket!
50.00 CHF