Cult BMX Begin Griffe

Brandon Begin’s Signature Heavens Gate Grips from Cult
12.00 CHF

Cult BMX Heaven's Gate Lenker

Brandon Begin signator Bar
83.00 CHF

Eclat BMX Zap Griffe

Long Grip with low flange.
12.00 CHF

Saltplus BMX Burn Reifen

Tough street tyre with a smooth centre for low rolling resistance and grippy outer tread. 65psi
28.00 CHF

Mission BMX Tracker Reifen

The Tracker tire by Mission is an affordable tire that has lots to offer. It's made from a solid rubber compound that will roll fast and soften down landings. 60psi
29.00 CHF

Stranger BMX Pivotal Sattelstütze

Length: 200mm
29.00 CHF

Cult BMX Fast and Loose Pool Reifen

Cult Fast and Loose Pool Tire (Corey Walsh Signature)
32.00 CHF

Eclat BMX Inner Schlauch

1.9" bis 2.5"
10.00 CHF

RnR BMX Inner Schlauch

1.9" bis 2.4"
6.00 CHF

BSD BMX Grime Pivotal Sattel

Denim Cox Signature BMX Sattel
44.00 CHF

BSD Freedom Slim Pivotal Seat

Kriss Kyles Signature BMX Sattel
44.00 CHF

Flybikes BMX M6 Bremsenkit

compatible with many frames with m6 brakemounts
9.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Utility Pro Kettenblatt

Sprocket with removable Guard
55.00 CHF

Mission BMX Cease V2 Bremsenset

Bremsenset Hinterrad komplett. Bremse, Kabel, Bremsgriff rechts.
65.00 CHF