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Animal BMX T1 Tire

Animal BMX and Terrrible One Collaboration
45.00 CHF

Continental Compact Wide Tube

20" BMX Tube, Autoventil.
8.00 CHF

Cult AK Tire

Alex Kennedy's signature model
35.00 CHF

Cult BMX Dehart Tire Slick

Chase Dehart's signature model . Max Pressure: 110 psi.
35.00 CHF

Cult Dehart Tire

Chase Dehart Signature Tire!
35.00 CHF

Eclat Fireball Tire

Stevie Churchill Signatur Reifen
38.00 CHF

Flybikes BMX Fuego Tire

Devon Smillie Signature.
43.00 CHF

Flybikes BMX Ruben Rampera Tire

Rubén Alcántara Signature. Classic Ruben Mid thread design.
34.00 CHF

KHE MAC Dirt Folding Kevlar Tire

Lightest Dirt Foldable Kevlar Tire.
39.00 CHF

KHE MAC Premium Folding Kevlar Tire

All-round Lightest Park, Flat and Street Tire
39.00 CHF

Odyssey Aaron Ross V2 Tire

With Big Logo
36.00 CHF