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District FK-3 Fork

89.00 CHF 49.00 CHF

Eclat Webster unpadded Seat

45.00 CHF 15.00 CHF

Enjoi Rasta Panda 4 Pk Skateboard Wheels

49.00 CHF 19.00 CHF

Fuse King Crown Gloves

39.00 CHF 19.00 CHF

King Kong BMX Knee Pads

55.00 CHF 19.00 CHF

Tensor Truck

The Lightest Trucks Ever!
53.40 CHF

KHE MAC Premium Folding Kevlar Tire

All-round Lightest Park, Flat and Street Tire
27.30 CHF

KHE MAC Dirt Folding Kevlar Tire

Lightest Dirt Foldable Kevlar Tire.
27.30 CHF

BSD Passenger Seat

Kriss Kyle signature series seat
27.30 CHF