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Reifen & Schlauch

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Cult BMX AK Reifen

Alex Kennedy's signature model
32.00 CHF

Cult BMX Dehart Reifen

Chase Dehart Signature Tire!
32.00 CHF

Cult BMX Dehart Slick Reifen

Chase Dehart's Signatur Reifen. Max Pressure: 110 psi.
32.00 CHF

Cult BMX Fast and Loose Pool Reifen

Cult Fast and Loose Pool Tire (Corey Walsh Signature)
32.00 CHF

Demolition BMX Momentum Reifen

High Pressure max. 110 psi
34.00 CHF

Demolition BMX Rig Reifen

Dennis Enarson Signature Tire
32.00 CHF

Eclat BMX Fireball Reifen

Stevie Churchill Signatur Reifen
37.00 CHF

Eclat BMX Inner Schlauch

1.9" bis 2.5"
10.00 CHF

Flybikes BMX Fuego Reifen

Devon Smillie Signatur Reifen.
34.00 CHF

Flybikes BMX Ruben Rampera Reifen

Rubén Alcántara Signatur Reifen.. Classic Ruben Mid thread design.
34.00 CHF

KHE BMX MAC Dirt Folding Kevlar Reifen

Lightest Dirt Foldable Kevlar Tire.
27.30 CHF

KHE BMX MAC Premium Folding Kevlar Reifen

All-round Lightest Park, Flat and Street Tire
27.30 CHF

Mission BMX Tracker Reifen

The Tracker tire by Mission is an affordable tire that has lots to offer. It's made from a solid rubber compound that will roll fast and soften down landings. 60psi
29.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Aaron Ross V2 Reifen

With Big Logo
32.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Aitken Knobby Reifen

Mike Aitken signature!
32.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Aitken P-Lyte Reifen

Mike Aitken signature!
31.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Broc Reifen

Odyssey Broc Tire (Broc Raiford signature)
31.00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Chase Hawk Reifen

Chase Hawk signature!
32.00 CHF

Primo BMX Churchill Reifen

Primo Stevie Churchill Signatur Reifen
32.00 CHF

Primo BMX E-Comet Reifen

Primo legendary famous old slic style tire with new size
25.00 CHF

RnR BMX Inner Schlauch

1.9" bis 2.4"
6.00 CHF

Saltplus BMX Burn Reifen

Tough street tyre with a smooth centre for low rolling resistance and grippy outer tread. 65psi
28.00 CHF

Schwalbe AV7 BMX Schlauch

AV7 20"
9.00 CHF

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Nuova Strada Reifen

Simone Barraco signature tire
32.00 CHF