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BSD BMX Forever Kette

Strong regular Chain by BSD.
13.00 CHF

Cult 410 BMX Kette

Simple BMX Chain by Cult.
11.00 CHF

Cult BMX P121 Halflink Kette

Strong Halflink Chain by Cult.
26.00 CHF

Eclat BMX 4-Stroke Kette

Halflink, 1/2″ × 1/8", very strong, solid or light version
26.00 CHF

KMC BMX Kettenglied

Single Half Link 1/2" X 1/8" for single speed chains
4.00 CHF

Shadow Conspiracy Chain Master Pin

Original Masterpin for Shadow Halflink Chains.
5.00 CHF

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Interlock V2 Kette

The original and best half-link chain.
36.00 CHF

Superstar BMX Kettenglied

Single Half Link
4.00 CHF