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Animal Barends

31.00 CHF

BSD Dan Paley Slims Grips

Dan Paley Slims Grip
13.00 CHF

BSD Forever Lo Grips

The Forever Lo grip
12.00 CHF

Cult AK Grips

Alex Kennedy Signatur
14.00 CHF

Cult BMX Vans Waffle Sole Grips

Cult collaboration with Vans are made by Odi in the USA!
14.00 CHF

Cult Dak Grips

Dakota Roche Signatur
13.00 CHF

Cult Dehart Grips

Chase Dehart's signature Cult grip.
8.80 CHF

Cult Faith Grips

Cult Faith grips are made in the USA by ODI.
14.00 CHF

Eclat Scope Grips

Made by Odi in the USA!
13.00 CHF

Flybikes Devon Grips

Devon Smillie Signature
11.00 CHF

Flybikes Ruben Grips

Ruben Grips Rubén Alcántara Signature Mushroom style design with cuts (avoids slipping) Smoothen increase diameter on edges (avoids horizontal slip ) 30º hardness compound (medium hardness) 155 x 30mm. size 141 grs. / 4.97 oz. (pair
9.00 CHF