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Bonedeth BMX Vibrator Pivotal Seat

hollow bolt for extra weight savings.
42,00 CHF


The ALVX is Alex D’s signature BSD frame.
430,00 CHF

BSD Freedom Frame

Kriss Kyle's signature Freedom frame.
420,00 CHF

Eclat Force Brake Pads

Female Bolts.
14,00 CHF

Eclat Zap grips

Long Grip with low flange.
12,00 CHF

Mission BMX Tracker Tire

The Tracker tire by Mission is an affordable tire that has lots to offer. It's made from a solid rubber compound that will roll fast and soften down landings. 60psi
29,00 CHF

Odyssey BMX Keyboard v2 grip

Aaron Ross signature grip.
12,00 CHF

Odyssey R32 Fork

155,00 CHF


inkl. Hubguards
179,00 CHF
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